Sunday, August 15, 2010

please, leave me.

Please don't be depend with me. I feel like not freely to do anything. You need to find your new friends, and so do I
You, you may say that I am not a good friend. But it is for your goodness!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I got envy when I looking at my friends, who has a special relationship, keep it, and long lasting. ummm


one question
why'd you wrote your blog with English, Kia?
I just want to learn. Even my English very bad, but I always practice and make it more, and more better each day. Sometimes I feel that I want to stop writing my blog with English. But NO, I won't stop. Don't give up Kiaaaaa

Friday, August 13, 2010

my Nose.

why oh why? why Kamal and Hilmi said that my nose is pug. I really hate that, cause I think my nose is not pug!!! They said when they're looked at my photos, my nose very pug. Especially Kamal, he jerks. He no, ALWAYS teased me about my pug nose when we're chatting on Yahoo! Messenger.

This is normal!
I am not American girl, I am not Sweden Girl, I am Asian girl. Asian Girl dominated by pug nose. Uh-Oh -___--- okay let's see my photo. Is that my nose is pug?

hope your answer aren't makes me disappoint.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

WYATB : want you pay the books?

Guys, I'm addicted with comics and books! They're look like a heroine maybe. I always wasting time with them. And I think I'm losing many times useless. But I can't go out from that habit. I am so curious with this books :

1. ATLANTIS The Lost Continent Finally Found

2. Pop Corn (Old Comic)

(this is series comic, from number 1 until 26)

no, it doesn't wish you all the best
but, Want You pAy The Books ? (and also Comic)

good-bye comic :(

My sister will stay on Semarang city. Why oh why? She get college there. And the bad news is, she will brings her Comics or wants to sell it!!!!! Oh God, give me your strength.


yow yow yoww good morning, this is the 2nd days of Ramadhan uhuu Happy Fasting!
as usual, when Ramadhan coming up --> a few holidays! But me, as usual I ain't go to anywhere uhuuhu. just stay at home, and sit down front my-old-computer -,-

My laptop was brake. No, I mean my daddy's laptop was brake. Finally after it fixed already, dad foreclose it. So, so pathetic. And now, I-really-need-it. I need laptop, or Netbook whatever which can saving my files. Especially my photos! My-Old-Computer doesn't enough and the Monitor very bad.

But Billy said, that Netbook more cheaper than Laptop. And if I need more memory to saving up my files, I can buy an outer memory (i don't know the name of it) huahahaha

But.. I won't ask it to my dad. Why? Cause too much things that I asked to dad. It just make a trouble in his head. So, now, I decided (again) to buy a Netbook, I will saving up my money, kick my as* off to get a scholarship on my school, and I will start to business.

What kind of business?
that is...

Pulse business!!

It match to student like me. Everyone need a pulse, especially student. More details, a student who has a girlfriend/boyfriend hahahaha. Is that embarrassing?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I decided!

Life without goals? it-is-damn-bad-life. It is same like you do not have dreams. And you can not get happiness in this life. One of Goal's friends is Resolution. Resolution what do you want, what do you want to be soon, and many more. And I just realized, life with resolution will be a good life. Have a dreams, make your passion wake up, life full with spirit, and what a wonderful life when you catch one of your dreams.

so I decided, I wanna be a Doctor.
More details, be a Child Specialist Doctor (cause I love kids)
And I also wanna be a Nutritionist, doctor don't know about a good nutrition? You must be kidding, man :p

and I decided, my goals for this year is;

1. Pray 5 times a day, plus Dhuha pray and also Rawatib pray.
2. Be ON TIME! this is hard, but I always try it.
3. More diligent (never live a Lazy Doctor in this world!)
4. More practicing English, enrich my vocabulary. My English so bad, man!
5. Get a great grade, and be top five of the class ;))
6. Blogging more, and write it with English uhuu -,-
7. Be a good friend for everyone
8. More pen-pal from different country
9. COOKING <-- trying to be a good wife
10. Make my parents proud ;D

yuhuu I think that's enuff, hope I can write done symbol on this list.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Satu Ambisi yang Tertinggal

well guys, for your information aja nih. Sekarang Adzkia Andriani telah tercatat sebagai siswi SMA

hehehehe seneng banget deh, setelah sekian lama gatel-gatel mengenakan seragam biru-biru alias SMP sekarang udah memudar jadi warna abu abu :') tapi agak gawat juga nih, setelah pake seragam abu-abu (lebih tepatnya hari Senin hijau) pas ngeliat anak SMP pake seragam biru langsung terkekeh-kekeh bilang "yah, anak SMP wakakakaa" <-- sombong

oh ya, kenapa kalau hari Senin seragamnya hijau?
soalnyaaaaa gue sekolah di SMA Plus YPHB kota Bogor. iya, sekolah swasta.

aku gagal di SMA Negeri 5 Bogor, kurang o.7
emmm obsesi lama.
Sad? Definitely yes.

well, but show must go on. Tujuan, ambisi, dan keinginan gue kan bukan cuma satu. Tapi masih banyak keinginan lainnya. Jadi engga usah terlalu sedu sedan lah ketika mengalami kegagalan dalam menggapai keinginan kita yang satu itu. 1000 dreams still waitin' out there, man!