Friday, August 13, 2010

my Nose.

why oh why? why Kamal and Hilmi said that my nose is pug. I really hate that, cause I think my nose is not pug!!! They said when they're looked at my photos, my nose very pug. Especially Kamal, he jerks. He no, ALWAYS teased me about my pug nose when we're chatting on Yahoo! Messenger.

This is normal!
I am not American girl, I am not Sweden Girl, I am Asian girl. Asian Girl dominated by pug nose. Uh-Oh -___--- okay let's see my photo. Is that my nose is pug?

hope your answer aren't makes me disappoint.

1 comment:

  1. Yes its a pug nose and there is nothing wrong with a pug nose I have on kind of, and when people say pug nose they dont mean it actualy looks like a pug's nose its just not pointed its more round a the tip and a little wider on the side but your nose is a good shape