Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I decided!

Life without goals? it-is-damn-bad-life. It is same like you do not have dreams. And you can not get happiness in this life. One of Goal's friends is Resolution. Resolution what do you want, what do you want to be soon, and many more. And I just realized, life with resolution will be a good life. Have a dreams, make your passion wake up, life full with spirit, and what a wonderful life when you catch one of your dreams.

so I decided, I wanna be a Doctor.
More details, be a Child Specialist Doctor (cause I love kids)
And I also wanna be a Nutritionist, doctor don't know about a good nutrition? You must be kidding, man :p

and I decided, my goals for this year is;

1. Pray 5 times a day, plus Dhuha pray and also Rawatib pray.
2. Be ON TIME! this is hard, but I always try it.
3. More diligent (never live a Lazy Doctor in this world!)
4. More practicing English, enrich my vocabulary. My English so bad, man!
5. Get a great grade, and be top five of the class ;))
6. Blogging more, and write it with English uhuu -,-
7. Be a good friend for everyone
8. More pen-pal from different country
9. COOKING <-- trying to be a good wife
10. Make my parents proud ;D

yuhuu I think that's enuff, hope I can write done symbol on this list.

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