Thursday, August 12, 2010


yow yow yoww good morning, this is the 2nd days of Ramadhan uhuu Happy Fasting!
as usual, when Ramadhan coming up --> a few holidays! But me, as usual I ain't go to anywhere uhuuhu. just stay at home, and sit down front my-old-computer -,-

My laptop was brake. No, I mean my daddy's laptop was brake. Finally after it fixed already, dad foreclose it. So, so pathetic. And now, I-really-need-it. I need laptop, or Netbook whatever which can saving my files. Especially my photos! My-Old-Computer doesn't enough and the Monitor very bad.

But Billy said, that Netbook more cheaper than Laptop. And if I need more memory to saving up my files, I can buy an outer memory (i don't know the name of it) huahahaha

But.. I won't ask it to my dad. Why? Cause too much things that I asked to dad. It just make a trouble in his head. So, now, I decided (again) to buy a Netbook, I will saving up my money, kick my as* off to get a scholarship on my school, and I will start to business.

What kind of business?
that is...

Pulse business!!

It match to student like me. Everyone need a pulse, especially student. More details, a student who has a girlfriend/boyfriend hahahaha. Is that embarrassing?

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