Sunday, January 20, 2013

A girl can dream.

Well I don't know where to start.

I still remember when my sister and I were giggled together after told all about our dreams. About our wedding dress, our children name, the type of our future husband, future house, study abroad, the places where we want our feet to step by. We are the children of the sun. We are growing up in the country which rich with the sun lights, and only have two kinds of weather (summer and rainy season). We are so curious with the feeling of touching the snow, feel frozen at winter, see a transformation winter to spring, feel the humidity of summer, and also wanna see aurora with our own eyes. We want to see something strange that my country doesn't have.

 My sister is so fanatic with South-Korean thingy. Especially for K-Pop boyband/girlband like Super Junior, SNSD, Big Bang and dreamy Korean drama. She did influence all members of my family, included me. My mom can't stop to watch Korean drama which is titled Princess Hours, my dad can't stop to do parody of Super Junior songs, and my brother can't stop to watch Running Man  TV show that my sister had downloaded for >50 episodes. She also learning about Korea language, the history, cultures, all about Korea because she wants to go there! I still remember when she asked me to pray for her, pray that someday she will step her feet at South Korea. I pray from time to time and............

Her big dream comes true.
She was nominated to be as the Student Exchange Program participant at Kangwon National University.... It's South Korea! My tummy filled by the butterflies, it was like a magic, I'm so surprised and super happy for that. She will take 10 months there start at spring. 10 months? She will realize how the winter is and touch the snow as we were dreamed about! Wow.

Anna Aden's.

If only....
I could join with her to touch the snow. But for this time, I don't have that opportunity yet. My sister cheered me up, "Someday, you will go to UK!" she said. I smiled, and said "I will." I will step my feet at UK, touch the real snow (not a snow from freezer in refrigerator haha), my head looked up at the Big Ben, and captured a ton photos of view at there... and many more! Well, a girl can dream, hu? :) I'm sorry If I mess up the grammar. I'm still learning just the way my sister learn Korea language and Hangul, hehe. Well have a nice day and..... keep dreaming! :)

congratulation for you, Light of the saint!