Monday, December 24, 2012

One morning.

It was raining all day long, and I'm home!

I woke up late and wrapped in double blankets.

 I wore a couple of socks, because it was cold outside.

Say hello to puppies!

I had breakfast in bed. 
 Ate some sweetness

Shared wafer with my little brother. 

 Oh, wait, guess who's there?


Cuddling with her was one of the best things of my life... Fluffy & full of warmth! :}

I stole a book titled The Rainmaker by John Grisham from my dad's bookshelf

And.... I was drowned in the world of words.

My precious! It was a good beginning of holiday, feel blessed very, very much :)
Happy holiday!


  1. Azki....fotonya keren2 banget...sukses selalu ya nak...

    1. Makasih tante Ima :) amiiin sukses selalu juga buat tante Ima \(>w<)/