Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Days Holiday (y)

I have 10 days holiday. Yay or Yawn? It must be Yay!!!
why? Because a have much time to take care pimples .__.
I got two pimples near my nose and one at my forehead. Sucks.
I bought Clean & Clear acne gel to fight with the pimples. Wish it works.


I have a plan to sleep over with my old friends at Junior High School.
Feels so younger when I play with 'em.

My mum ask me to go to saloon to cut my hair. Cause my hair if you see me without hijab looks like...Sadako-chan ewwwww

Mariska said that she wants to make a cupcakes. And I wanna join too.

Mr. Rully said that 'Degung' Club will have preparation start next Monday *tomorrow* I think I have to think twice to join or not T_T

And... Blogging more ˆ⌣ˆ
Anyway last night I had a fight with Ibrahim. I didn't know the reason why he was angry with me. I hope we will be fine again. And hope he will makes me understand and tell about my fault, cause I don't realize it. I'm so sorry.

Thank you, have a nice holiday all!

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